Office to release Universal apps preview for Windows 10 phones this month

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Office to release Universal apps preview for Windows 10 phones this month

By the end of this month (just in time for Build!), Microsoft is planning to release the first previews for “Office Universal apps preview for Windows 10 for phone”. Microsoft is working to release a more touch and mobile friendly Office 2016 suite, and the new preview will be our first look at what that looks like on a Windows Phone.  According to a blog post on the Office Blog, the new apps will make it easy to work with Office documents on your phone:

 On a phone, the Universal apps adapt to the smaller form factor. Commands and controls are moved to the bottom of the screen so you can triage your work and make edits one-handed with your thumb. (That may sound like a small thing—but wait until you try it. It makes all the difference!)

 Microsoft is planning the new Office with three key investment areas in mind: modern productivity, business intelligence, and IT control.  These new Office apps will incorporate a better “backstage” experience to make using cloud services easier, will include business intelligence advancements and Power Query built right in to Excel, and include new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features to manage credit card and other sensitive information.

The new phone apps join the already released Universal apps for tablets preview, and the Desktop IT Pro and Developer preview for Office 2016, already released in preview.

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