New box design spotted for Xbox 360 backwards compatible games on Xbox One

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Some Xbox gamers have begun spotting newly designed box artwork for Xbox 360 video games that have been added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility library. This new-look packaging appears almost identical to the regular Xbox One video game cases but also boasts “Xbox 360” next to “Xbox One” at the top on the green stripe. Here are some photos taken by a user, originally posted on Reddit.


New xbox 360 video game boxes
New xbox 360 video game boxes

This is a rather clever idea on Microsoft’s part as these new packages are designed to draw the attention of Xbox One owners who would usually overlook Xbox 360 video games in stores and is a good reminder that the Xbox One console can now play a rather large number of titles from the previous console generation. The fact that there even is a new design also suggests that Microsoft plans on manufacturing Xbox 360 games for the foreseeable future. How long this will last though is anyone’s guess. It’s also entirely possible that these cases are new but only being made to clear inventory of unsold Xbox 360 games. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

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