Minecraft video game gets big content update in time for the holidays

Minecraft has updated across the Xbox One family of consoles with a variety of changes and new content.

In addition to the new Norse Mythology Mashup Pack, the update also adds a Festive Tumble Arena where gamers can celebrate the holiday season. This update also changes some mechanics involving cauldrons, potions, water, and world generation that should please many Minecraft fans. Here's the official release notes for this update.

  • Added Norse Mythology Mashup Pack.
  • Added Festive Tumble Arena.
  • Added New Horse Model.
  • Added Dyeable Leather Horse Armour.

Cauldron changes

  • Cauldrons can be filled with potions.
  • Tipped Arrows can be created using an Arrow with Cauldrons filled with potions.
  • Water can be dyed.
  • Armour can be dyed in a Cauldron filled with dyed water.

Baby Zombie jockeys can now ride any mobs.

World generation changes

  • Added Fallen Trees & Dying Trees.
  • Village Changes.
  • Tables have brown carpet instead of a pressure plate.
  • Added Ice Plains & Cold Taiga Villages.
  • Added Chests to Ice Plains and Cold Taiga Villages.
  • Ice Plains & Cold Taiga Villages won't generate crops.
  • Paths around village wells now made up of grass path (sandstone in desert).
  • Dispenser changes.
  • Fireworks will fire in the direction the dispenser is facing.
  • Mob heads will drop to ground unless they are being placed on a block that would cause a Wither or Snow Golem to spawn.

Updated Wither Boss behavior

  • Explodes and spawns Wither Skeletons on half health.
  • Change to dash attack.
  • Remove health regeneration.
  • New birth and death animations.
  • Armor Stands now have arms and multiple poses.

Do you play Minecraft on an Xbox One? Let us know if you like the console experience in the comments below.

Developer: Microsoft Studios
Price: Free+

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