Microsoft Whiteboard app now available for all Windows 10 devices

Microsoft Whiteboard, a new creative collaboration app that Microsoft first demoed back in May is launching in preview today. Whiteboard was first designed for Microsoft’s Surface Hub, and expanded first as an app for Surface Pro devices, but the version launching today works on any Windows 10 PC with a touch screen, and it will also let you collaborate with others in real-time and across multiple devices.

“With the preview of Microsoft Whiteboard, you can use intelligent ink that recognizes your freeform drawings and turns them into standard shapes, so it’s easy to create great-looking tables, diagrams, and flowcharts," the company explained in a blog post. "And unlike traditional whiteboards, the app automatically saves your boards, so you can pick up where you left off or share links to your boards, so others can build on top of your work." You can see how the app works in the short video below.

The company says that the app is rolling out today in all English versions of Windows 10, but we couldn’t find it in the Microsoft Store at the time of this writing. Overall, Microsoft Whiteboard seems to be a nice compilation of everything Microsoft learned by developing its Surface Hub offering for organizations, and it should be a great tool for creative teams. The app is free to use for everyone, but Microsoft notes that multi-party collaboration requires one participant to have an active Office 365 subscription.

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