Microsoft trademarks MineCoin as potential Minecraft Marketplace currency rename

Minecraft fans have been excited this Summer about the Better Together update that will bring almost all editions under one umbrella. One feature associated with the merge under the Bedrock Platform is the shared Minecraft Marketplace, an in-game store for DLC, community content, and its own currency called Minecraft Coins. But these coins might be seeing a rename in the near future.

Known data-miner and Microsoft enthusiast WalkingCat has discovered a trademark application for MINECOIN. The trademark covers a "virtual currency for use in gaming" and as we all know, anything with "Mine" in front of it is often associated with Minecraft when it comes to Microsoft.

A little more interesting is the background of the trademark. MineCoin was actually once the brand of a blockchain development team's payment system. However, in April 2017, it was rebranded over to MinexCoin.

Could Microsoft be taking advantage of the newly available MineCoin trademark? Possibly. One thing is certain, MineCoin rolls off the tongue a lot easier than Minecraft Coin!

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