Microsoft launches another AI chatbot, this one in India, called “Ruuh”

Following not so successful experiments last year, Microsoft has quietly launched a new chat bot call Ruuh for the Indian market (via ZDNet). The English-speaking bot is described as “a desi AI who never stops talking,” with personal interests including “chatting, Bollywood, Music, humour, travel & browsing Internet.”

According to the page’s description, the chat bot is only available in the Indian market but we could chat with Ruuh just fine on Facebook. We didn’t play with it for a long time, but we guess Microsoft made sure that Ruuh doesn’t turn rogue like its previous Tay chat bot did. Anyway, Microsoft played it safe and invited users to “not rely on her statements as advice, counselling or endorsements.”

Chat bots were a huge topic during last year’s Build developer conference, and we’ve seen them being introduced and Skype and Microsoft Teams recently. Chat bots are┬áprobably not for everyone, but the artificial intelligence behind seems really promising. If you want to see it by yourself, you can┬álet Ruuh try to entertain you on Facebook Messenger or right on the dedicated Facebook Page.

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