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Today marks a significant day for Microsoft, as the company finally announced an April 11th launch date of the Windows 10 Creators Update. As is expected, an announcement of this nature gets a lot of attention from the tech press, so we've compiled a few of the reports from around of the web to give you a better idea of how Microsoft's big announcement is being received.

CNBC: Microsoft takes a shot at stealing hardcore Apple users

In a report by Todd Haselton, CNBC dubs the Windows 10 Creators Update as Microsoft's "shot at stealing hardcore Apple users." According to their report, the creative aspect of the Windows 10 Creators Update is, "Microsoft's latest attempt to go for Apple's throat and attack the core Mac user base of creative professionals." While the CNBC report highlights features such as improvements to Edge, Game Mode, and Paint 3D, it also highlights the fact that the new additions are "not really exciting," and that most Windows 10 users "probably won't notice any of the changes." At one point, the report also falls back a bit from the headline and dubs that "the update isn't going to send Mac fans running to Best Buy for a new laptop just yet."


WIRED: Windows 'Creators Update' Has Come to Kill Your Apps

WIRED is perhaps one of the most respectable tech publications out there, and WIRED's Tim Moynihan has put up a very interesting review of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Unlike other tech reporters who have just looked at the features of the OS, Moynihan dives a bit deeper and finds that the update is "clearly aimed at getting you to move from third-party apps like Twitch and Chrome by packing more functionality into Windows itself." In diving into the features, he also comes to the conclusion that Artists and gamers will get the most out of Creators Update, and that Windows 10 is a "constantly evolving platform."

Ars Technia: Windows 10 Creators Update is quite a small major update

Peter Bright from Ars Technia has a much different take on the Windows 10 Creators Update, finding that it is quite a small major update. In his report, he writes that the Creators Update is "not all so creative." Mr. Bright points out that while the Creators Update introduces programmatic support for Windows Mixed Reality, the headsets are still months away. He also highlights that the operating system itself doesn't include any particularly significant 3D features for the end-user. Not to be vexed, though, as Bright finds that the biggest recipient of visible changes in the Creators Update "is probably the Edge browser." He also dives into the details on Game Mode, and the other new elements of the Creators Update, giving his own creative analysis of what Microsoft has to offer to Windows 10 users come April 11th.

Mashable: Windows 10 Creators Update is the best Windows yet

Though the publication's Tweet speaks a different tone than the actual published story, Mashable's Lance Ulanoff finds that the Windows 10 Creators Update is the best Windows yet. Overall, the report highlights that the Creators Update is a "smart Windows 10 update that improves the overall experience without breaking anything important." It also looks at the good, including Updated Edge, Fun 3D tools, and Native game streaming. Interestingly, Ulanoff also mentions that Windows 10 has momentum, now that, "the disastrous Windows 8 is barely a spec in Microsoft’s rearview mirror."

Engadget: Windows 10 Creators Update lives up to its name

Perhaps in tone with Mashable's Lance Ulanoff, Devindra Hardawar from Engadget believes that the Windows 10 Creators Update lives up to its name. Hardawar writes that the Update is "more than a mere operating system upgrade," highlighting that "Microsoft wants to make it clear that Windows is not only a platform for productivity apps but also an OS where you can produce all sorts of creative things." In line with Todd Haselton from CNBC, Hardawar also finds that the Creators Update can possibly encourage kids and the more creative types who usually use Macs.

There are many other reviews of the Windows 10 Creators Update out there, so these publications are just scratching the surface of the general consensus of the latest version of Windows. We invite you to keep it tuned to OnMSFT as we continue to dive in to the Windows 10 Creators Update and beyond. What are your thoughts on the Windows 10 Creators Update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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