Microsoft to hold an event like BUILD this year?

Microsoft may be planning to hold an event similar to that of the BUILD conference which was held in Anaheim, California in September of 2011. The event focused on Windows 8 developers, and how Metro was the way forward. This year, rumours are suggesting a similar even in October, right when Windows 8 launches.

Microsoft to hold an event like build this year? - onmsft. Com - july 20, 2012

Microsoft are still to make any official announcements on the event, but new reports are suggesting that the company could hold an event just like BUILD. It will happen sometime in October, and with Windows 8 launching in October, we can probably assume the event will land around the end of October.

We hope Microsoft hold on to the BUILD name, as it's unique for a tech event to be named BUILD. Building metro apps has become quite a thing between developers, so throwing the word BUILD away now would be a waste of time.

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