Microsoft Edge gets Ghostery and RoboForm Password Manager extensions

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For those of you who have been looking for more Edge extensions, a couple more just came up on the Windows store. Popular web plugin Ghostery has made its way to Edge as an extension, and it's being joined by RoboForm Password Manager, another popular plugin that helps you browse the web on your own terms.

Ghostery helps you block any sort of trackers, cookies, or other unwelcome tag-alongs that come with you as you browse the web. RoboForm does what it sounds like - it helps you fill out forms by remembering passwords and other information, letting you automatically fill in important information on documents.

Edge may still be lacking in add-ons when compared to browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but the addition of popular quality-of-life extensions like these two are a step in the right direction. If these sound like extensions that you wouldn't mind having on Edge, both of them are available on the Windows Store right now.

Ghostery – privacy ad blocker
Ghostery – privacy ad blocker
Developer: ‪Ghostery‬
Price: Free
Roboform password manager
Roboform password manager
Developer: ‪Siber Systems Inc‬
Price: Code needed

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