LinkedIn to remain blocked in Russia as talks fail

Over the past few months, LinkedIn has been in the public eye due to the fact that it was blocked in Russia over data storage issues. Today, more information has entered the fray, as a new Reuters report indicates that LinkedIn will remain blocked in Russia after talks between the Microsoft-owned professional networking website and the Russian authorities have failed.

According to the report, LinkedIn and Russian regulator Roskomnadzor have acknowledged that their talks to resolve the data storage issues have been unsuccessful. In a statement to Reuters, a LinkedIn spokesman said the following:

"While we believe we comply with all applicable laws, and despite conversations with Roskomnadzor, including meeting with them in Moscow in December 2016, we have been unable to reach an understanding that would see them lift the block on LinkedIn in the Russian Federation."

On the other side of things, Roskomnadzor noted to Reuters that LinkedIn had refused to move its storage sites holding the personal data of Russian users to Russia, which showed a "lack of interest in working on the Russian market."  The issue dates back to 5 months ago and  comes after Russia recently passed legislation forcing online websites to have localized national servers in Russia, as a way to protect user’s personal information.

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