Microsoft agrees to share Skype user data with Russian Government

Addressing the Russian government, Microsoft who owns the voice-over-IP and instant messaging service Skype, said that it will provide law enforcement officials with the information about Russian Skype users if required. The software giant will keep data of users during a six month ... Read more

Microsoft to probe charges of antipiracy abuses

Microsoft's top lawyer said on Monday that the company is taking action in the wake of a report that its antipiracy efforts have been used by the Russian government as a means to monitor computers of dissident groups in that country.

In a blog post, general counsel Brad Smith said that the company is hiring an outside law firm to investigate a report in The New York Times that the Russian government has used Microsoft's antipiracy efforts as a pretext to search computers of potential dissidents and, separately, that some lawyers hired by Microsoft have worked with corrupt police to shake down businesses over the piracy issue...