How to disable web-based Skype notifications on and OneDrive

Ever visited one of Microsoft's websites such as or OneDrive, only to hear Skype making noises? You're certainly not alone. A call on Skype could end up calling a phone, PC, tablet,, OneDrive and more sites, all at once, resulting in a headache like no other.

Fortunately, it seems Microsoft may have been listening. The company has released an update to Skype for Web, affecting and OneDrive, allowing users to now turn off Skype notifications on the web.

Discovered by Paul Thurrott, a toggle has now been added to disable Skype's web-based notifications for and OneDrive:

This option is available by going to the Settings tab of and looking for Notifications, then turn Sound to off. Additionally, ringing can also be muted for a period of time.

Now you can relax, knowing that they'll be a few less Skype notifications. You'll still have to contend with different devices notifying you, though.

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