HERE suite of apps updated, Drive+ offers voice-guided navigation for more countries, and more

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Here suite of apps updated, drive+ offers voice-guided navigation for more countries, and more

If you happen to be a regular user of HERE suite of navigation apps, you be glad to know the entire suite received an update which allows users to migrate their data from their old Nokia account to - this will make sure the data is synced across all devices and online. The suite includes Drive+, HERE Maps, City Lens and Transit apps offering various navigation-related features.

Among others, Drive+ app also brings voice-guided navigation for 18 more countries and regions, including Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Iraq, Libya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Nepal*, Paraguay, Saint Helena, Senegal, Sri Lanka*, Suriname, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This brings the total number of supported countries to 118. 

Along with several stability and performance updates for all apps, the company also made HERE Transit and HERE Drive+ free for devices running Windows Phone 8.0. 

As for the migration to account, it's not necessary at the moment, but you should do it since Nokia accounts will soon be discontinued. The company mentioned, "You can also start the import process later within the application or complete it on But, because Nokia accounts will soon be discontinued, it’s important for you to migrate your Collections now."

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