Fun ninja game ‘SlashDash’ launches exclusively on Xbox One

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Fun ninja game 'SlashDash' launches exclusively on Xbox One

A rather cool new game called, SlashDash is launching exclusively on Xbox One on the 17th of July. Developed by Nevernaut Games, SlashDash is a top-down local multiplayer game designed for between two and four players who take control of a group of ninjas and must either slash and kill the opposing teams or duke it out in a capture the flag-type mission.

The level design is inspired by locations from Japan’s Edo Period and range from Japanese castles (one heavily inspired by the real-life Nagoya Castle as seen by its golden orca), tea gardens, hot springs and even snow-covered houses. The music is also inspired by the same time period and the game developers seem to have really committed to the purely Japanese cultural influence which is refreshing to see in a time when so many video games carelessly blend numerous aspects from different Asian cultures together and expect players not to notice (I’m looking at you, Powerstar Golf).

Do you think SlashDash looks cool? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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