Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to making the Xbox One a success in Japan

Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to making the xbox one a success in japan

The Xbox One has never been a hit in Japan but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from wanting it to be. In a recent press event held in Japan, where the company discussed their line-up of products, newly promoted Vice President at Microsoft, Takuya Hirano reaffirmed their commitment to the console and stated that they will continue to support it and that they believe in the potential the Xbox One has, especially if they can release more titles on it of even higher quality.

The upcoming launch of Windows 10 and its cross-device functionality with PC, HoloLens and Microsoft Band was also discussed but the main intent of the event was to cement Takayuki Hirano in his new position after taking it over from Yasuyuki Higuchi back in March of this year. No specific details on any launches or marketing campaigns were announced. Here’s hoping something is done soon as the console only sold 100 units during one of the weeks of June in Japan while being outsold significantly by the PlayStation 4 and WiiU.

What do you think Microsoft needs to do to make the Xbox One a success in Japan? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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