Tachyon Project launches first on Xbox One

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Tachyon project launches first on xbox one

Game developer Eclipse Games has just premiered their new twin-stick shooter, Tachyon Project, on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console. While plans are in place for eventual PC, WiiU and PlayStation 4 ports of the game, Tachyon Project, for now, is exclusively on the Xbox One.

Tachyon Project should looks familiar to anyone who has played a twin-stick shooter before though it still packs a few surprises such as incorporating numerous primary and secondary weapons, several buffs and a solid story mode comprising of 10 levels.

The game supports online leader boards but lacks online multiplayer. Local multiplayer is supported though, with up to four players allowed to play together.

It’s been a good time to be an Xbox One owner recently. The console has seen a steady flow of titles released these past few weeks with some notable examples being Trials Fusion The Awesome Max Edition, The Fall, Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour and Smite. What have you bought recently on Xbox One?

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