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OneNote Class Notebook

Apr 10th, 2017, by in Latest news

The Office 365 blog announced that teachers will enjoy three new features available for Microsoft Forms and even a new OneNote integration.

Jan 18th, 2017, by in Latest news

OneNote Class Notebooks continue to get better with more available learning tools and stickers. Meanwhile, Office Lens is now on iPad!

Jan 3rd, 2017, by in Latest news

In a post on the Office blog, Jacqueline Campbell, a computer science teacher at St. Mungo’s High School in Scotland, explains what a difference OneNote makes in her classroom.

Aug 9th, 2016, by in Latest news

MIE Expert Cheryl McClure wrote about her experience using Office 365 tools to help her older science students teach a younger class.

Aug 4th, 2016, by in Latest news

The OneNote Class Notebook is generally available to the public, ringing in Version 1 with some new updates for educators getting ready for the school year.

Jun 20th, 2016, by in Latest news

Microsoft announced that 35 education partners are committed to using the OneNote Class Notebook add-in for assignment and grade integration.

May 19th, 2016, by in Latest news

The Microsoft One Note Class Notebook with Learning Tools has significantly impacted Ms. Montisana’s First Grade class. By providing the proper tools and opportunities, future schools will be able to improve learning on an individual basis.

Apr 20th, 2016, by in Latest news

Educator Edita Rabizaite provides insight on how OneNote Class Notebook can be used to develop lesson plans and e-portfolios for individual students.

Apr 14th, 2016, by in Latest news

The OneNote team is announcing that they have new enhancements for the OneNote experience that will allow for more integration with assignments and grades.

Mar 23rd, 2016, by in Latest news

Microsoft’s Office Blog, highlights the success of OneNote with teacher, Marija Petreska and her classroom.

Feb 17th, 2016, by in Latest news

Microsoft introduces a new API for OneNote Class Notebook helping to increase the efficiency of notebook creation for educational organizations.

Jan 27th, 2016, by in Latest news

Microsoft today announces a free option for teachers to sign up for OneNote Class Notebook. Previously available only through an Office 365 subscription, this offer gives eligible organizations access to the powerful tools in OneNote and a free account to Office 365.

Oct 26th, 2015, by in Latest news

Microsoft has recently announced new features for OneNote and Office Mix that combine with learning management systems (LMS) to help teachers be more efficient with their time in the classroom. OneNote and Office Mix officially received IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) certification. The LTI is a standard way of teaching students using rich learning applications. The OneNote Class […]

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