You can now change your 'home' Xbox One console 5 times per year

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In an undisclosed policy change, Microsoft is now allowing owners of its Xbox One console to change their 'home' console up to 5 times per year. Previously, the home console could only be set 3 times per year.

Setting a home Xbox designates which console automatically downloads purchased content from the Xbox Store, as well as the console which shares games and Xbox Live Gold.

When setting a home console, you'll now be informed of how many changes are remaining, and this now shows the maximum of 5 changes, with Xbox Support confirming to one user that this is now the case:

You can now change your 'home' xbox one console 5 times per year - onmsft. Com - august 5, 2017
Credit to alexeymakarov (via reddit)

While a small change, it is likely welcomed by those who switch their home console often - such as between friends or when moving around.

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