Xbox sales did well this holiday season, but Sony's PS4 was December winner -
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Xbox sales did well this holiday season, but Sony's PS4 was December winner

The holiday season is typically a very good time for gaming console sales, and this last one was no different. As we reported earlier today, Microsoft just announced that the Xbox One was the top selling console in the US in the second half of 2016 according to NPD, adding that December was "our biggest month ever."

In a statement shared by VentureBeat, a Microsoft spokesperson also claimed that the Xbox One was "the only [current-generation] console with year-over-year growth according to NPD," hinting that Sony’s PlayStation 4 sales were down year-over-year in the US. While Sony declined to comment the latest data from the Industry tracking firm, the company confirmed that its PlayStation 4 did conclude 2016 on a high note in the US by outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One for two months in a row.

If you’re wondering why Sony’s console had more momentum last month, remember that the Japanese company launched the 4K-capable Playstation 4 Pro in November, which likely pushed a significant number of fans and early adopters to upgrade. It remains to be seen if Sony will continue to dominate console sales in the US this year. Microsoft is confident that 2017 will be the year of Project Scorpio, but the successor to the Xbox One won't be ready until sometime in late 2017.

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