Xbox news recap: Halo Easter egg found inside the Xbox One X, the return of the Xbox Onesie and more

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Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

Halo Easter Egg found inside the Xbox One X

While most people aren't going to be opening up their Xbox One X to take a peek at its hardware, there's a special surprise in there for anyone who does. Some Spanish fan YouTubers recently discovered that, engraved into every Xbox One X, there's a picture of Halo's Master Chief riding a Scorpion. It's a nice love letter to the franchise that put Xbox on the map, and is just generally cute.

Halo's master chief riding a scorpion in the xbox one x console

The Xbox Onesie is returning to Australia

Xbox One fans will remember the Xbox Onesie - a product that came and went very quickly, as part of a special event. The onesie looks extraordinarily comfortable, and people were very upset when they were pulled away from shelves. If you live in Australia, however, the onesie has made a triumphant return. These ones are coming in celebration of Forza Motorsport 7, and are a bit more form fitting - in the interest of looking like racing uniforms.

Xbox onesie 2

Free Xbox One X adapters probably won't come with the Xbox One X

According to a tweet from Aaron Greenburg, the Xbox One X won't be getting free Kinect adapters like the Xbox One S did. When asked about a potential free adapter promotion, Greenburg said that "that program has ended," without much hope for a similar program regarding the Xbox One X.

Xbox news recap: halo easter egg found inside the xbox one x, the return of the xbox onesie and more - onmsft. Com - october 8, 2017

Scuf announces new Elite controllers for Forza

Scuf, the leading third party manufacturer for high quality controllers, has announced a partnership with Forza on their latest project. The Xbox One Elite controller has real leather on it, as well as all of the special switches and buttons that you've come to expect from an Elite controller. The final product is absolutely gorgeous - but you're going to have to be willing to drop $300 bucks on it, in its extremely limited run of 2,500 units.

Xbox news recap: halo easter egg found inside the xbox one x, the return of the xbox onesie and more - onmsft. Com - october 8, 2017

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