Windows 8 Build 8100 to be given out at BUILD?

As the BUILD conference arrives, more and more information about Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8 are appearing. This time, it has been rumoured that Windows 8 Build 8100 will be released at the BUILD conference this year.

There are many theories supporting the release, a Russian tweet was posted saying "It has been stated, that in 2-3 days, Microsoft will give out "Windows 8 8100" to everyone, the so-called "Developer preview."

Also, MDL have been posting more and more images of an 81XX build.





@BuildWindows8 tweeted just a few weeks ago saying that they will make is easy to participate in the pre-release. What does that mean? Will the build be available to all, or just those who attend the BUILD conference?

BUILD begins tomorrow, and Microsoft have big plans with their products, not only are they updating Windows 8, they are updating their whole product line to match the Metro interface.

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