Windows 10 news recap: New insider build, no more detailed updates

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Another week of news has flown by, and with it came another load of Windows 10 news to talk about. This week, Microsoft released a brand new Windows Insider build of Windows 10, build 10525 which includes new colored title bars and improved under-the-hood memory management. The build is available now for Insiders in the fast ring, so if you haven't upgraded yet make sure you do soon!
Another story this week involved future updates for Windows 10, or more so lack of information regarding what will be in these updates. With cumulative update 3, Microsoft’s KB article on the update was very short. The summary only stated “This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10” and added that the updates are cumulative so installing just the most recent one is fine. This contrast in KB article length by Microsoft raised some eyebrows. Microsoft says it will only detail updates which include noteworthy new features.
Furthermore, Microsoft also enabled super high-quality game streaming for gamers using the Xbox app. This is definitely a good news for Xbox One gamers who want to stream games in very high quality without having to tweak the registry files for the app. To see the new high quality option, just go to Settings and head over to Game Streaming tab to change the options. It’s worth giving a try if you’re not satisfied with the quality on the “high” or “medium” options.
There's also an issue with older CD-ROM based games with old DRM software, according to Microsoft these may not work on Windows 10. A report released saying that game or audio CDs that rely on SafeDisc or Securerom DRM will not run on Windows 10 PCs. This isn’t because Windows 10 isn’t capable of running older software, but instead it is because Microsoft has decided not to enable the CD DRM due to security concerns.
Finally, it was revealed this week that Windows Hello is not fooled by identical twins using facial recognition. In a recent test, it was found that the service was able to distinguish between the twins with impressive accuracy.Using an Intel RealSense enabled camera, Windows Hello is an embedded service in Windows 10 machines, allowing users to unlock their device using their faces alone. As this service is expected to come with the rumored new Lumia flagships, expect Microsoft to make a great deal more of it in future.
So there you have it, another week of Windows 10 news. What was your favorite story this week?

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