Xbox One very high quality streaming on Windows 10 is now a default option

With Windows 10, Microsoft is allowing Xbox One owners to stream games to their PCs. Previously, Microsoft offered three default video quality options to choose from: low, medium and high, with the "very high" option being hidden. We already covered a guide on how to enable the "very high" streaming quality for Windows 10, but it seems Microsoft has made the option available by default (via Windows Central).
This is definitely a good news for Xbox One gamers who want to stream games in very high quality without having to tweak the registry files for the app. To see the new high quality option, just go to Settings and head over to Game Streaming tab to change the options. It's worth giving a try if you're not satisfied with the quality on the "high" or "medium" options.
Game streaming is a nice feature that allows gamers to roam their home and still play their favorite games. It's especially useful since it takes your games to a screen other than your main television. With the very high quality settings being available by default, gamers don't have to take as much of a step down in quality when they jump screens.

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