Windows 10 news recap: Massive build release, new patches and more

Zac Bowden

Windows 10 Sign Logo NYC

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 news recap, in which we recap the top news stories regarding Windows 10 for the week. Let’s dive straight in.

Windows 10 build 14295.1004 cumulative update released for PC Insiders

Kicking things off this week, Microsoft quietly released a cumulative update for Windows Insiders on the slow ring running build 14295. The patch brought the build number up to build 14295.1005, although no new features were included in the patch.

Microsoft says this update includes “improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10 Insider Preview”. Insiders on the fast ring are already experiencing a new build, 14316, meaning this new update is for slow-ring insiders still using 14295.

Mail and Calendar App brings new features for Windows 10 Insiders

Also this week, Microsoft pushed a new update out for Mail and Calendar apps to Insiders running Windows 10. This new update added the following features:

  • Open email messages in a new window
  • View .eml attachments and save messages in .eml format
  • Print Day, Multi-day, and Work Week views in Calendar


Windows 10 build 14328 for PC and phone released with lots of new features

In what was probably the biggest news this week, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 insider build that packed a whole bunch of new features that were announced at BUILD a few weeks back. Here is the full changelog condensed into an easy-to-read bullet point list:

  • Updated Start experience
  • Cortana and Search improvements such as Cortana on your Lock Screen
  • Improvements to Action Center and Notifications
  • Updates to the Taskbar and Settings app
  • Ability to switch virtual desktops with your touchpad
  • Lock Screen improvements
  • Updated credential and UAC dialog user interface, Skype UWP Preview app, and File Explorer
  • Improved battery life for Surface and other connected standby PCs
  • Improved Japanese IME


Join the Windows 10 Anniversary Update bug bash next week

In light of the new build, Microsoft also announced a bug bash happening next week for Windows Insiders running Windows 10 Anniversary Update preview builds. Even with the entire might of the Windows team patching, fixing, and implementing, not every kink or bug in the latest version of Windows 10 will be ironed out by the summer, without expanding its team.

That is where Windows Insiders come in. While the Insider program has helped the Windows team over the past year and a half, it looks as though Microsoft is calling upon its testing community in an extended capacity next week. Specifically, the Windows team will be hosting a Bug Bash Week where Insiders can participate in a four-day-long investigation of Windows 10 bugs and flaws.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider cumulative update build 14295.1005 to the Slow Ring

Finally, Microsoft pushed out yet another cumulative update for Insiders on the slow ring, bringing build 14295.1004 up one to 14295.1005. This update did include some noteworthy changes, including:

  • 3148528 MS16-048: Security update for CSRSS: April 12, 2016
  • 3148538 MS16-046: Security update for secondary logon: April 12, 2016
  • 3148541 MS16-040: Security update for Microsoft XML core services: April 12, 2016
  • 3148522 MS16-039: Security update for Microsoft Graphics Component: April 12, 2016
  • 3148532 MS16-038: Cumulative security update for Microsoft Edge: April 12, 2016
  • 3148531 MS16-037: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer: April 12, 2016

So that’s all for this week. What was your favorite story? Let us know below!