Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Leaks show off Continuum 2.0, Windows Store gets a new look and more

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Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

Leaked video shows off Continuum 2.0

Agiornamenti Lumia is back at it again with some seriously high quality leaks. This new video leaked by the Italian Windows Mobile news site shows off what we think is Continuum 2.0 - something that seems functional on a new build. The new version of Continuum seems like it's going to be drawing much closer parallels to the classic Windows experience, giving users the ability to open multiple applications, switch between them, and resize windows.

Windows 10 mobile news recap: leaks show off continuum 2. 0, windows store gets a new look and more - onmsft. Com - june 25, 2017

Windows Store gets a new look

Windows Store is continuing its journey towards being a sleeker, better looking application. The latest updates to the mobile and desktop build of the Windows Store app has introduced something that Insiders have had for a while - a new look that's consistent with the fluent design philosophy that Microsoft is stepping into with Windows 10 Mobile. White boxes now separate apps in a nice-looking grid, and a new font style keeps it looking fresh.

Windows 10 mobile news recap: leaks show off continuum 2. 0, windows store gets a new look and more - onmsft. Com - june 25, 2017

Concept work for foldable Surface Phone looks stunning 

Nothing official here, but an industrial designer by the name of Ryan Smalley has put together some nice looking concepts for a foldable Surface Phone that matches up with some of the rumors we've heard about Microsoft's (potentially) upcoming device.  While this doesn't really mean much, it's a great window into the future of Windows 10 Mobile for people who believe all of the rumors.

Surface note / surface phone concept

Microsoft offers 4 free months of Groove

Another small thing to come out of this week, but people who have an ear for music might just get a kick out of it. Microsoft is offering an opportunity for people to get a free 4 months of Groove, the company's music service. While this is only valid for brand new users (the service gives 3 additional months to people who sign up for a one month trial) it's still a good value. Even if you've tried the service before, it wouldn't hurt to sign up with a new email to get the free time.

Groove music android

Thanks for joining us. If you want all of the news as it happens, keep an eye on our Windows 10 Mobile tag.

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