Windows 10 Insider build 14328 gets an updated Settings app

Mark Coppock

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Microsoft pushed out Windows 10 Insider build 14328 this morning bright and early, which is a good thing given that the build brings so many new features and enhancements to the PC. We’ve already covered the fixes and known issues, as well as provided a glimpse into the build’s Start Menu improvements and the Windows Ink technology announced at Build 2016. There are a slew of other changes in the build, however, and here we’re going to talk a bit about the new Settings app.

Improved Navigation and Search

The Settings app has received a number of fixes and updates, many of them aimed at making navigating through the app easier. For example, each settings page now has its own icon, making it easier to identify each option at a quick glance.

Settings app page icons.
Settings app page icons.

Also, typing in search now provides a dropdown flyout instead of search results taking you to a list. The results are fairly intelligent and seem to pull up the most meaningful settings and options.

Improved Settings search.
Improved Settings search.

Updated Pen Settings

Pen settings have received an update, allowing users to adjust pen shortcuts, choose to ignore touch input when using the pen, and access to Windows Ink Workspace settings. The app also now separates touch keyboard and handwriting panel settings.

Improved App Management

Perhaps one of the nicer updates to the Settings app is the ability to reset a misbehaving app by going to Settings > Apps and features. Here’s the gist:

Improved app management: We have added the ability to reset an app if it gets into a bad state under Settings > Apps and features. This is useful if an app gets into a bad state and you want to delete its data and start over. Just choose “Advanced options” for a specific app under Settings > Apps and features and you will see the reset button. Note that not all apps currently support reset however. You will also be able manage app add-ons and downloadable content here too if the app supports this capability as discussed at Build 2016. While there are currently no apps that support add-ons or downloadable content in the Store, please stay tuned for availability of apps that do once they are released.

Improved app management
App reset options.

Updated Windows Insider Program Settings

Finally, the Windows Insider program has received its own settings page, segregating it from the general update page. The options are the same; they’re now just easier to access. On mobile, the Windows Insider app is no longer available following build 14327 that arrived earlier this week.

Windows Insider Program settings page
Windows Insider Program settings page.

So, along with some nifty Cortana updates, new Taskbar options, a revamped Action Center and notifications, and more, those are the features that are new and different in the Settings app. Let us know in the comments what you think of these changes, and if you come across anything else that’s new.