You can now use Widgets in Windows 11 without a Microsoft Account

Kevin Okemwa

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While a Microsoft Account is required to make use of most Microsoft products and services, the company is making an exception with the widget feature in Windows 11. The Latest Windows Web Experience Pack update allows users to access the Widget pane without having to sign in to their MSA first.

This capability was already available for users that are part of the Windows Insider Program, but it has now shipped to the stable channel for everyone to use. To access this feature, you’ll need to install and download the Windows Web Experience Pack version 423.3000.10.0.

Last year, Microsoft added the capability to install third-party widgets via the Microsoft Store as well as a plethora of nifty features designed to enhance its user experience, such as notifications in widgets. And recently, added a new feature that will notify users when a new widget is available.

However, if you don’t fancy widgets, we invite you to check out our expert guide which will help you disable widgets in Windows 11. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.