How to disable Widgets in Windows 10 or Windows 11

Shaant Minhas

windows widget

The Widget is one of those polarizing feature in Windows 11. Introduced as a level-up to News and Interests from Windows 10, the Widgets is both handy and weird at the same time. There are even reports about the introduction of third-party Widget. However, for some people, the Widget just doesn’t make the cut. Luckily, you can disable the Widgets in your Windows 11 relatively easily. Here’s how.

1. Through Windows Settings

Like with most things on Windows 11, you can tweak how it looks or acts through the Windows Settings. In this case, we’ll focus on disabling the Widget, though. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Go to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘settings,’ and select the best match. Alternatively, you can also press the Windows key + I.
  2. Now head to Personalization -> Taskbar.
  3. Toggle off the Widgets option under the Taskbar items.

windows taskbar settings

As soon as you do this, the Widget will be disabled in your Windows 11.

2. Taskbar Context Menu

You can also disable the Widget from your Taskbar Context menu. Simply right-click on the Widgets icon and select Hide from taskbar.

Although this doesn’t strictly ‘disable’ the Widget, but for all practical purposes, it gets the job done.

How to disable News and Interest Widget in Windows 10

As we said above, Windows 10 uses an earlier, compact version of Widgets called News and Interest. To turn off the Windows 10 widget, do the following:

  • Right-click on the Weather icon.
  • Now select  News and interests > Turn off.

windows 10 desktop

The News and Interest Widget in your Windows 10 will be disabled.

Disabling Widgets in Windows 10 and Windows 11

And that’s all about how to disable Widgets in Windows PC, folks. Hopefully, one of these methods helped you get rid of your default Widgets. However, if you faced in difficulties in the process, please let us know in the comment.