Microsoft will notify you when a new widget is available

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A widget helps users interact with apps better since they can access certain information from them without necessarily having to launch the app thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Last year, Microsoft added the capability to install third-party widgets via the Microsoft Store as well as a plethora of nifty features designed to enhance its user experience, such as notifications in widgets.

Microsoft is now testing a new feature that will help you do more with widgets. As spotted by PhantomOfEarth on Twitter, users will get a notification when a new widget is available via the Widget Panel in form of a small banner. It should be noted that this applies to the apps installed on your Windows 11 device.

You are likely to get a notification highlighting the availability of a new widget for an app after updating it. The feature is currently available to Windows Insiders, perhaps, Microsoft will roll it out to general availability via an update in the future.

Microsoft seems to be laying more emphasis on this front as it released an Insider build for the Dev Channel featuring a new widget for Messenger. However, if you don’t fancy widgets, we invite you to check out our expert guide which will help you disable widgets in Windows 11.

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