Self-destruct photos now live for all Telegram Messenger users on Windows phone

Telegram Messenger has updated to Version 2.5 on Windows 10 Mobile which finally brings self-destruct photos to the general public users of the app (the feature had been trialled previously on the closed beta app). This latest version of the Windows phone messaging app also adds emoji to text messages via simply text entries, improved searching, and a new bio feature for profiles. Here's the full release notes.

Add emoji to a message by typing ‘:’ + keyword. :relieved: :satisfied: :smirk:

Search through messages of a particular user in any group. To do this, tap '...' in the top right corner when in a group > Search > tap the new 'Search by member' icon in the bottom right corner.

While searching, select a user to browse all of her messages in the group or add a keyword to narrow down search results.

Add a bio to your profile by typing a few words about yourself in Settings.

Set a self-destruct timer for any photos and videos you share in private chats

Are you a Telegram Messenger user and are any of these features something that you wanted? Let us know in the comments below.

Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger

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