Skype officially releases their preview for Linux computers

Email Twitter: @LaurentGiret Sep 29th, 2017 inNews

Last month, the Skype team quietly released its preview desktop app on Linux. This is the same app that is also available in preview on Windows and macOS, but until now it wasn’t available as an update for the previous Skype for Linux beta app, which is based on Skype for web.

Starting today, Skype Preview is now officially available on Linux, and you can install it from the Skype Insider page. The preview app brings a redesigned UI with a black theme option, screen sharing support, the new message reactions and more.

Skype Preview supports screen sharing on Linux.

“The next generation of Skype for Linux is part of our broader strategy to rebuild Skype from the ground up with cloud technology—a more reliable platform that can scale to a much bigger audience,” explained the Skype team. “We’re making great improvements in the ways you like to connect with people and bringing your world closer together than ever before.”

The Skype Preview app is still a work in progress, but Microsoft is iterating faster than before with an app that is now truly cross-platform. The Skype team is still listening to user feedback, and you can share you ideas by clicking the heart button on the menu or by visiting the Skype for Linux online community.

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