ProShot app for Windows 10 gets teased in new video

We got word that ProShot would be developing a Windows 10 app several months ago, and it seems like that promise is finally coming through. Just recently, the creator of ProShot uploaded a brief video showing off the Windows 10 version of the app and teasing some of the features he'll be explaining to us in future videos.

All we know for sure now is that the UI for ProShot has been completely redone, and looks better than ever. With the new UI, ProShot seems sleek, easy to use, and easy to understand for people who aren't quite used to playing around with a camera's more advanced features.

It was also confirmed in the video that this isn't just going to be a Windows 10 Mobile app and will be given the complete Universal Windows Platform treatment, making it so that people using Windows 10 on Mobile, PC, or any other Windows 10 device will be able to easily use the new version of ProShot.

We don't know when the UWP version of ProShot will be coming out, but it was confirmed that new videos are on the way to give us more information as time goes on.

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