People app receives minor improvements with new update on Windows 10

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The People app has updated on Windows 10 PCs and brings with it the contact history feature that was teased recently.

This new feature allows for users to click on a contact’s profile and see a full history of recent communications with the individual in a new tab to the right of the main profile. The contact profile photos and links to the Skype service seem to have also been cleaned up with the redesign.

Unfortunately, since Microsoft has yet to implement any sort of social network connectivity to the Windows 10 People app (which was there in the Windows 8 version) the only history available to view is recent Skype communications or phone calls and text messages from the few users with a smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile. There appears to be no connectivity to activity done on devices running pre-Windows 10 Mobile operating systems, even if the People apps are synced to the same account.

While this update seemed to roll out to several select users last week, it now appears to have been pushed to all Windows 10 users. Are you happy with this feature or would you like to see Microsoft fully deliver on their previous promises for the People app? Sign off in the comments below.

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