Paint 3D to get enhanced Free View mode -
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Paint 3D to get enhanced Free View mode

Since Microsoft is planning on deprecating the classic Paint app in future versions of Windows 10, the company is obviously focused on developing Paint 3D in its place. Though it is already a solid feature, Microsoft will be enhancing Free View mode in Paint 3D in Windows 10 sometime in the future (via

Seen in the video above, the enhanced free view will allow users to edit certain elements in a project from any angle. The editing elements of the UI, such as the selection box, will also automatically twist so it is always facing the user. In addition, there is a new selection highlight tool, which gives the user "X-ray vision" so they can always see the elements of the model even if it is behind something else.

While this may seem like a small feature, the enhanced free view should make Paint 3D even more useful. It also means users will no longer be thrown back into the standard editing mode when entering Free view to edit an object. Definitely, a solid feature that will help make Paint 3D one of the best UWP apps on Windows 10.

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