Official Uber app updates to PWA on Windows 10 Mobile & PC -
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Official Uber app updates to PWA on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

After ending support for its official app several months ago, Uber has updated its Microsoft Store listing today and has replaced the old app with a newer Progressive Web app (PWA) version that is literally a wrapper for the mobile website. Amusingly, the officially release notes actually states, "Updated to wrapper" as the sole change with this update.

This new app is fast to load and has basic functionality for booking a ride though it is pretty barebones and several in-app menu links switch to the Edge browser to open a full web page, leaving the app completely. Still, Windows phone users should be happy to have an official Uber app on the platform once again and it's likely that it will be updated going forward. The Uber PWA is also functional on Windows 10 PCs and HoloLens headsets.

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