New Instagram PWA is now available in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store

Kareem Anderson

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While being available on over a billion smartphone devices around the world, the Instagram team has been sparing with its dedicated app development for other platforms such as tablets and desktops.

Fortunately, for Windows 10 users a dedicated Instagram app was issued to the Microsoft Store back in 2016 as a Universal Windows Platform app. While many of the major features have been rolled out to the app over time, its development timeframes seem elongated and spotty at best.

However, it seems the Instagram team is heading in a more uniform direction by pushing out a new Progressive Web App to the Microsoft Store.

First reported by a Windows Central tipster, there appears to be a new PWA powered client rolling out to the Microsoft Store and with comes the coveted ability to respond to Direct Messages via the desktop.

The update seems to be slowly rolling out and may not be available immediately, but judging from the shots gathered at Windows Central, the PWA version looks, well, like the website destination.

As a PWA, users should experience a shortened feature release cycle as per other PWA’s on the platform such as Pinterest and Twitter as well as better performance on any current and upcoming Windows on ARM devices or configurations rocking Windows 10S or the future Windows 10X.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free