Microsoft's $250,000 inauguration donation seems at odds with its recent protest

Microsoft may have recently joined an industry-wide petition to speak out and push back against President Trump's highly controversial immigration-related executive order, but less than thirty days ago it was donating to the president's inauguration proceedings.

As Politico reports, Microsoft, along with a host of other staunch proponents to president Trump's immigration ban including Amazon and Google, have filed federal ethics records where contributions from their separate companies to the president's inauguration are listed.

For Microsoft's part, the company donated $250,000 in cash as well as meeting that amount in various other technological contributions. Compared to Microsoft's generous offerings both financial and technology-related, Amazon's simple undisclosed cash donation and Google's YouTube live stream help seem like minor penance.

While the political rhetoric is high around how tech companies approach the new administration, it should be noted that inauguration contributions aren't a new occurrence and are typically done regardless of political affiliation but more as a lobbying effort.

Perhaps, Microsoft sought to lobby favor with the new administration prior to its knowledge of the resulting executive orders. Regardless of the gesture, Microsoft and a host of other companies in the industry find themselves at a unique juncture with the Trump administration and its views on jobs, taxes, and cultural employee make up.

At the moment, Microsoft has yet to speak about the disclosed amount. We will update accordingly if the company does address the amount at a later time.

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