Microsoft's HealthVault proceeding with plans to enable 2FA in October -
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Microsoft's HealthVault proceeding with plans to enable 2FA in October

Microsoft's HealthVault is adding an extra layer of security, introducing two-factor authentication. The new form of security will be switched on "this October", although no specific date has been given. When you log in after the change to a HealthVault-connected app, you'll be asked to provide some additional verification of your identity.

We wanted to give you a head’s up that as part of our commitment to high standards of security, we will be turning on two-step verification on HealthVault this October. This means that when users sign into a HealthVault-connected app, they will be asked to verify their identity via a contact method. We will be notifying all HealthVault users of our plans later this month.

This change should not require any action on your applications, but as always, please use the MSDN Forum to report any issues or questions.

This change falls in line with Microsoft's general concern for account security and should be a big help to people who have any concern about their accounts on HealthVault enabled apps. We'll see just how secure the new 2FA system is when it launches later this Fall.

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