Microsoft’s Edge team received a congratulatory cake from the Google Chrome team

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The Google cake

Sending cakes seems to be a tradition in the browser development world. In 2012, Mozilla sent Microsoft a cake for the launch of IE10 and the next year, Microsoft returned the favor when Mozilla celebrated 15 years in the business. Those are just two instances in a long list of cake gifting we’ve reported on.

Now Google is getting in on the act with the Chrome team sending the Microsoft Edge team a congratulatory cake for the launch of their new browser. Microsoft Edge (previously known as Project Spartan) is now officially part of Windows with the release of Windows 10 on July 29. The Edge team tweeted a picture of the cake along with some witty text:

The fun and games can only last so long as both Microsoft and Google remain locked in a browser battle. Microsoft’s Edge developed in part, as an effort to stem the migration of IE customers to Chrome. Currently Chrome stands as the most downloaded piece of software on the Windows platform. It remains to be seen if Microsoft Edge will make a substantial dent in the Google Chrome usage figures.

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