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Microsoft: Happy 15th anniversary Mozilla, here's a delicious cake!

Mozilla 15

Microsoft and Mozilla are known for sending cakes over to each to celebrate the release of a new version of their internet browsers, but this time its a bit different. Microsoft has wished Mozilla a happy 15th year anniversary by sending Mozilla a picture of a cake. On top of that, Microsoft thanks Mozilla for their continued advocacy for web standards.

"@IE: Congrats @Mozilla on your 15 year anniversary & your continued advocacy for web standards! @firefox This one kinda snuck up on us. Had to improvise," Microsoft's Internet Explorer team stated on Twitter.

Mozilla sent a cake over to Microsoft back in October of 2012 for launching Internet Explorer 10, which featured a giant Mozilla Firefox logo on the cake as well as the words "Congratulations on IE10." In the 15 year anniversary cake, there is no logo as it appeared that Microsoft had forgotten about Mozilla's anniversary and improvised with a standard cake.

Mozilla turned 15 years old on March 31st and Mozilla chairman Mitchell Baker had this to say about it: "Looking back, Mozilla’s plan was as radical as the Web itself: use open source and community to simultaneously create great software and build openness into the key technologies of the Internet itself. This was something commercial vendors weren't doing and could not do. A non-profit, community-driven organization like Mozilla was needed to step up to the challenge," she added.

Microsoft and Mozilla have been in fierce competition in the browser wars for the past few years. As of March 2013, Internet Explorer is now at 55.83% share while Chrome holds 16.45% share and Firefox grasps onto 20.21%. Apple's Safari browser doesn't cut it as part of the top three and holds a 5.31% market share.

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