Microsoft’s Azure team is looking for open-source experts

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If you’re looking for a job and possess some awesome open source chops, Microsoft might be looking for you. The Azure team is hiring, and they’ve laid out what they’re looking for over at the Microsoft Openness blog.

Microsoft is looking for you!

Microsoft is looking for you!

Microsoft has been making some serious headway in becoming more comfortable with the open source community and in developing an open cloud platform. From Docker containers to open-sourcing the .NET server-side stack, Microsoft is opening up and embracing open source in ways they’ve never done before.

Not wanting to be left behind, the Azure team is also supporting open source applications, frameworks, and languages, all aimed at making sure the cloud services platform adequately addresses the needs of all of its various customers. Accordingly, they’re looking for open-source gurus to join their team and help them support Linux solutions running on Azure.

Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich was on tap at the All Things Open conference back on October 20, where he invited attendees to “Pass your resumes up.” And, apparently, the invitation remains open. If any of the technologies in the diagram below are familiar to you, then chances are you’re just the kind of person Microsoft is looking for.

If you're an expert in any of these technologies, then polish up your resume and send it to Microsoft.

If you’re an expert in any of these technologies, then polish up your resume and send it to Microsoft.

You can hit up the Microsoft Careers site to apply. As usual, if you’re not the right person for any of these positions but know somebody who’s a great fit, don’t hesitate to make a referral. Microsoft–and your friend–will thank you.

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