Microsoft sets the time for its E3 press conference -
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Microsoft sets the time for its E3 press conference

We're two months away from E3 2016 kick off on June 14, but we just learned when Microsoft will hold its press conference during the video game industry's annual top show. According to a report from Gamespot, Microsoft's annual press conference will start on Monday, June 13, just one day before the opening of the three-days event. Microsoft shared the following statement in an email to Gamespot:

"We're excited to return to E3 this year where we'll showcase more games and experiences coming later in 2016 and beyond, starting with our briefing at 9:30 AM PDT on Monday, June 13."

While we don't know any details about Microsoft's upcoming press conference yet, we expect Microsoft to share more details about the Xbox One anniversary update that was revealed during Build 2016 just a few days ago. Microsoft suggested that this update could be released in July for all Windows 10 devices (including PCs, phones and the Xbox One), but we already know that this update will finally bring Cortana the Xbox One as well as the Windows 10 Store which will introduce selected Windows 10 Universal Windows apps on the gaming console .

We also hope to get more details about upcoming Microsoft exclusive franchises and titles such as Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves and Recore. As Microsoft refocused its efforts towards PC gaming since E3 2015, all of these new games except Gears of War 4 will actually be released on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. And if Microsoft is supporting cross-platform experiences on its own platforms, maybe we will also get an update on Microsoft's initiative to enable full cross-network play with other gaming communities.

Last, E3 2016 will probably be quite different this year as game developer Eletronic Arts already announced that it will ditch the show in favor of its own three days offsite event. And EA won't be the only major developer to not attend E3 2016 as Gamespot also noted that Activision, Disney Interactive and Wargaming also ditched their booths this year. You can get the full list of participating companies on E3 official website.

Do you plan to attend E3 2016? Please tell us in the comments what are you hoping to see from Microsoft.

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