Microsoft Rewards is now live in Australia

Xbox Live Rewards has now fully transitioned to the new Microsoft Rewards in Australia. The new rewards program allows for users of Microsoft products and services to collect points for searching with Bing on their PC and phone, browsing the web with Microsoft Edge, buying media and apps from the Xbox and Windows Store, completing customer feedback surveys, and partaking in quick virtual tasks such as quizzes.

Microsoft Points can be cashed in for prizes such as Xbox Live and Groove Music subscriptions and the amount of points required for a prize actually isn't too hard to reach. A 12 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership for example can be claimed for 29,000 points and with a combination of PC and mobile Bing searches and surveys, it's possible to reach that goal within a month or two.

Overall, Microsoft Rewards appears to be well designed and makes tracking points and task progress very convenient with the new drop-down menu now provided to Australians on Bing and other Microsoft websites. It could also prove to be a big motivator in encouraging consumers to use Edge and Bing a lot more than they do right now.

Have you tried Microsoft Rewards yet? Do you think it's better than Xbox Live Rewards? Let us know in the comments below.

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