Microsoft Launcher Beta version 4.9 update enhances overall user experience

Email Twitter: @abacjourn May 1st, 2018 inNews

The Microsoft Launcher experience is always evolving on Android, and new releases are frequently tested first with users who have opted into the Beta version of the launcher. In the latest version 4.9 beta, Microsoft is enhancing the overall user experience and introducing ways to make the launcher more customizable.

The full changelog is shared on the Google Play Store, but you can also have a look below for more on what is new:

  • Improved Home screen import logic
  • Sort your apps alphabetically in folders
  • Display names of apps or folders in your dock
  • Customizable gesture for pressing the Home button from the Home screen
  • New gesture option that lets you quickly lock your Home screen

Prior updates for Microsoft Launcher Beta have improved Cortana integration, fixed notification bugs and added custom daily backgrounds. You can expect today’s update to roll out to general users soon, but you can also enroll in the Beta and get this update by heading to the bottom of the Google Play Store listing for Microsoft Launcher on your Android device.

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