Microsoft Edge WebGL GLSL transpiler open-sourced by Microsoft

Complimenting the transition of Microsoft becoming more open source with Chakra and the Microsoft Edge JacaScript engine, the company's developer's blog today announced that they are releasing the Microsoft Edge WebGL transpiler over to the public.

The WebGL renderer is what runs shaders on the GPU to render 3D content with the GLSL language. However, Edge uses DirectX and HLSL to render content. To put it simply, Microsoft Edge's ability to display content relies on the transpiler converting the GLSL to HLSL shaders.

The blog states clearly Microsoft has no intention of open-sourcing Microsoft Edge or EdgeHTML anytime in the future. For now, developers are encouraged to play with the transpiler and provide honest feedback. Hopefully, some of that feedback will contribute to the improvement of the Edge WebGL.

Learn more about the GLSL to HLSL conversion through the dev blog. Download the Microsoft WebGL on the GitHub repository.

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