Microsoft confirms (again) that all Xbox One 4K game updates will be free

It's admittedly been states numerous times from a variety of sources since this year's Microsoft E3 presentation that all of the Xbox One video games gaining 4K visuals later this year would be getting these via free updates but a surprisingly large number of gamers still seem unsure about the jump from 1080p to 4K and the (non-existent) price involved.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg replied to a worried user on Twitter today and confirmed once again that yes, these 4K updates would indeed be free. "Any title you own that adds a 4K update will be done for free," his tweet reads.

Naturally, to properly experience these improved 4K graphics, gamers will need to purchase the upcoming Xbox One X console and a compatible 4K television set but as far as the games go, if you've already bought them they won't cost you any more money.

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