Microsoft Band 2 support link briefly appears online

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If ever we needed tacit confirmation of what we already know, here it is. In all likelihood, Microsoft will announce the second generation of its fitness band lineup at the upcoming October 6th event.  The latest in a long string of supporting evidence comes in the form of inadvertently placed Microsoft Band 2 support page, as shown in the image below.

Spotted by WinSuperSite
Spotted by WinSuperSite

The first link claims to lead to the device manual for a “Microsoft Band 2”.  Naturally, the posting has been pulled; attempts to open the link renders a non-existent page. The site has also been updated so that the Band 2 link doesn’t show up anymore.
Interestingly, this isn’t the first time in recent memory Microsoft has made a website gaff that exposed its hidden product lineup. Last week we reported about the company accidentally placing the device lineup into its event webpage’s source code metadata, despite not officially confirming its product lineup for the upcoming event. Microsoft must know that the tech community scavengers will pick up on all these little details. As such, it’s surprising to me that the company hasn’t tightened up on these kinds of leaks, especially in light of just how well the company has kept the world in the dark about the upcoming Surface, the Lumia 950 devices (barring the @evleaks of course), and the development of the Band 2.
There has been no shortage of Microsoft Band 2 excitement over the last week. A few days ago, we showed off alleged renders for Microsoft’s upcoming fitness band. Today, there has been news that electronics retailer BestBuy has dropped the price of the first generation Band in anticipation of Microsoft’s almost certain announcement of the Band 2 next month.
If you’re desperate to whet your appetite for the upcoming devices event, check out an editorial written by our own Kellogg Brendgel. Brendgel’s post discusses his firsthand experiences with the Band, and what he believes should be featured in the upcoming sequel.