Microsoft Authenticator beta for iOS updates twice in a day to fix ADAL bug

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Microsoft Authenticator on iOS got an update yesterday, giving it its first new features in quite a while. Those of you who follow the app's development will know that the new version, dubbed 5.3 by the developers, brought along the ability to add in and edit profile pictures - something that let users add a more personal touch to their experience.

The app got its next update in just 16 hours, apparently with the intention of fixing some serious bugs that managed to make it into 5.3. More specifically, it fixed a bug in ADAL (Azure Active Directory Authentication Libraries). While it wasn't specified just what the bug's symptoms were, they must have been pretty serious if it prompted a fix this quickly.

Regardless of what the issue was, it's fixed now. If you're one of the testers for Microsoft Authenticator on iOS, you should be free to pick up 5.3 right now, not having to worry about any of the related ADAL bugs.

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