Microsoft acknowledges mounting feedback, claims "2020 will be an exciting year for Mixer" -
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Microsoft acknowledges mounting feedback, claims "2020 will be an exciting year for Mixer"

It can be argued that Microsoft's game streaming business, Mixer, has done a relatively poor job of communicating with its users as well as enthusiasts as of late.

Fortunately, the Mixer team, not unlike Google responding to complaints about Stadia, seems aware of its communication absence and plans to change that position in the near future.

Speaking with Windows Central's senior editor Jez Corden, Microsoft offered this tidbit of actualization.

We have heard the feedback from Mixer's community and our Partners regarding areas where we must improve the service. We recognize that increasing video stability, better discovery capabilities, additional monetization opportunities, and broadening our marketing programs are critically important to our streamers, and we are focused on supporting their success. Our new Head of Mixer, Shilpa Yadla, is committed to addressing these critical needs and in delivering an incredible experience for Mixer's streamers and viewers. The entire Mixer team is working tirelessly behind the scenes on these and other new initiatives to help maintain our positive, welcoming culture as we continue to grow. We expect 2020 will be an exciting year for Mixer and our community.

While not posted to any official blog, press release, or social media channel, the acknowledgment is, at the very least, a start.

Hopefully, Microsoft does spend 2020 addressing some rather systemic issues streamers and viewers are having with the platform.

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