LightKey is a free word prediction app for Windows in Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint

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Inspired by the redesigns of typing on mobile platforms, a new software app has caught our attention (thanks for the tip, itai!). LightKey is intended to make typing on the PC quicker and easier through the use of keybindings such as tab to autocomplete words. The algorithm to determine the words is based upon the context of the sentence, your previous writing styles, and even the program in which you are using.

LightKey is built specifically to be naturally compatible with Microsoft Office, specifically Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, switching the focus of suggestions through presentations, emails, and more.

Upon download of the web installer, Lightkey will automatically detect your computer's operating system and version of Microsoft Office (if it is installed). It will also present the version of the software you are about to download. After the download, you'll be greeted with some personalization such as indicating whether you type by looking at your keyboard or monitor, as well as selecting interests and hobbies that you write about from sports and government to social media and academics.

The dashboard for LightKey minimizes into the system tray and displays plenty of information that you might need to know to monitor your efficiency, tune the resource allocation, and set personal keybindings.

While we concluded that the software isn't the most effective for high-speed typists, it is useful for those that might need the extra assistance. Light Key is available in over seventy languages now so if you're curious to try the software, you can download it for free from the official site.

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